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Call of the Wild Wolf Dream Catcher

Original price $66.99 - Original price $108.99
Original price
$66.99 - $108.99
Current price $66.99

The wolf dream catcher is one that signifies guardianship and clear communication over to you while you sleep. The traditional dream catcher is built to capture bad dreams and allow positivity to pass through to an individual while they rest. The wolf howling at the moon is an additional symbol of loyalty, ritual, and spirit. It is a reminder to trust our instinct and believe in our hearts and minds to take full control of lives.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 18”, 24”, or 30” 
  • Material: 18 gauge cold rolled steel
  • USA Made: All materials and products created in America. 
  • Hand-torched and Handmade Finish
  • Finished with a hyper-durable clear powder coat for longevity. 
  • Indoor and outdoor use.