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Air Force

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While the United States Air Force may be one of the youngest US military services, it has become one of the strongest and most capable aerial forces in the world. This metal art piece is of the classic Air Force symbol. 

The Air Force symbol can be represented in two different forms depending on how you view it. It can be seen as a medal of valor in service or as an eagle, representing our nation’s emblem of freedom and liberty. 

The US Air Force symbol honors the heritage of our past by incorporating the Hap Arnold wings design dating back to WWII, where the wings design was worn by all members of the Army Air Forces.

The symbol has two parts, the wings in the upper half and the sphere with star in the lower half. The stylized wings embody the strength of the enlisted men and women that make up the force. The great angularity in the wings represents the power and swiftness and is divided into six sections which represent different capabilities: excellence in air and space, global attack, agile combat support, precision engagement, rapid global mobility, and information superiority.

The lower half is made of a sphere, star, and three diamonds. The sphere represents the globe and reminds us of our challenge to provide aerospace assistance and to respond to crisis worldwide. 

The star embodies the sphere symbolizes space as the high ground in our military force while the five points represent components of the community involved with the US Air Force: active duty, civilians, Reserve, Guard, and retirees.

The three diamond at the bottom of the symbol represents the core values of the Air Force: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.   

We honor and appreciate all those who served in the United States Air Forces. 

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 12”, 18”, 24”, or 30”
  • Material: 18 gauge cold rolled steel
  • USA Made: All materials and products created in America. 
  • Crafted in Southwest Colorado.
  • Hand painted with a custom coat of high-quality anodized paint. 
  • Finished with a hyper-durable clear powder coat for longevity. 
  • Indoor and outdoor use.